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Retrospect 2022 is the first ever way to own a full collection of Lucinda Goodwin's work.
The inaugural edition of Retrospect, the beautiful A4 Self published Zine features all of Lucinda's favourite images from the year after COVID.


84 Silk pages with over 100 images of Local, National and international acts in dive bars, coffee shops, band rooms, arenas and festivals.


The Zine is a limited edition and is hand numbered and signed by Lucinda


First edition special - The first 50 copies will also receive an A5 postcard print of Northlane signed as a thank you for being one of the first to pick up the zine!


This Zine will launch in conjunction with 'Retrospect 001' an exhibition hosted at Platform Arts, Geelong on April 22nd 2023 4 -6 PM.

From Lucinda:
I have always made a yearly folio of all the shows I’ve shot for the year, they live in a bookshelf at home, and occasionally, they see the light of day when I have a presentation or if someone asks about printing work. I selfishly make these for the nostalgia to look back on when I’m older, and to see how far I’ve come in photography since I first started.


My work when I first started was constantly printed in street press, something I looked forward to finding out in the wild and picking up after shooting a show at the venues front door. But over the years these street press publications have slowly disappeared one by one,  to being more prevalent online, and alas the death of printed images.

I currently have 30 hard drives full of images I’ve taken over the last 13 years of friends shows in backyards, big festivals, venues that don’t exist anymore, bands that are no longer together, and iconic and influential people.
But what use are these images sitting on my hard drives, or on my Instagram that a crypto hacker could take down in the blink of an eye?


I’ve decided to finally make my first piece of ‘art’ on mass, which is as much for you as it is for my own selfish reasons.

Retrospect 2022 recaps ‘the year after Covid’ when we decided to ‘get on with it’ and make a splash in a big way. Not only was 2022 finally the chance to be back in band rooms with friends but also a very pivotal year in my photographic journey.

I photographed portraits for high profile clients, worked for international artists, made lifelong friends within the music industry, and returned to photographing the thing that made me the creative I am today, photographing the local scene of Geelong.

Retrospect 2022 Zine

  • Zine Specs

    A4 Portrait

    84 Pages

    150GSM Silk paper stock

    250GSM Silk Cover with Matt Lamination

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