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A3 LG__20151128_00321_edited.jpg

Story Of The Year, Knotfest, Melbourne

8.5” x 11.5”



This Shoot was super last minute due to the management being based in the states, and the time difference holding up our email communications. I got confirmed at 11AM for a 2PM shoot in Melbourne and made it with 15 minutes to spare, find the stage manager and meet the band very briefly. The bass player had spotted me hiding behind the amp in between songs he made eye contact with me just before he jumped off the drum riser perfectly framing Dan the lead singer. This image is now being used on a piece of Story of The Years merch, and the guitarist (who is also a very talented photographer in his own right) has said this is one of the best images of the band's live set in 10 + years.
A friend of a friend was driving their tour bus in Sydney the next day and overheard them talking about how good the album of shots where. - some high praises.

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