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A3 LG__20151128_00321_edited.jpg

Iggy Pop @ Bluesfest Byron Bay

8.5” x 11.5”



Iggy is about as Rock and Roll as you get, Bluesfest this particular year had alot of Artists that didn't allow photographers so this was one of the few headline acts we were able to snap. We however had to pick a side of the pit - left or right and choose a song 1, 2, or 3 as there was going to be 6 groups rotating through one song each no moving. I picked song one, and Left - I think because I'm left handed I choose left side most often. By chance I picked the side Iggy walked on stage he walked towards us, posed and then ran. I have the shot with him walking this one, and the one with him half out of frame. Typically at big festivals like this its a bit of an unwritten game between photographers who can post the quickest and who captured the image that the artist shares. I posted the image at about midnight when I got to bed, and woke up to my phone buzzing. Iggy shared the image on Instagram and Facebook and I had all my friends messaging me and tagging me in the shot. Needless to say I was the cool kid in the media tent the next day!

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