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Liam Gallagher @ Falls

8.5” x 11.5”



It's no secret that Liam Gallagher is the scarier of the Gallagher brothers.
There wasa bit of commotion in the photo pit as to how to not get in trouble with him, we had our normal 3 song rule, however rumours had flown around about him kicking photographers out at other shows, or not allowing them at all. We all stood ready in the pit and he proceeded to walk out on stage, throw his AAA pass to a kid in the front row and started playing. During the first 3 songs a photographer was standing pretty close to the edge of the stage and Liam visually seemed put off by this, spitting water at them, and point at them. He put the tambourine in his mouth kind of looking like a smile (which was as close as you get to a smile on stage from him) and point at this photographer, we where kicked out 2 songs in- but i got this cool shot.

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